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Fotoboek van DP Boorschip

Een fotoboek samengesteld met foto’s van bijna alle onderdelen en ruimtes van een boorschip. De foto’s hebben betrekking op diverse gebouwde boorschepen door IHC Gusto BV. (onderling zaten er verschillen in, slechts waarneembaar door de echte kenners). Alle foto’s zijn afkomstig uit het Gemeentearchief van Schiedam. Om ze geschikt te maken voor plaatsing op de website zijn ze allemaal bewerkt.

De verklarende teksten bij de foto’s zijn van de hand van Peter Mackenbach en Ben Berkhout.

Verklarende Woordenlijst:

  1. Gyrokompas = Wordt gebruikt voor navigatiedoeleinden
  2. Combibediening Re-entry= During drilling and workover operations, operators confront various challenges that can threaten well integrity, result in stuck equipment, or require sidetracking to find new production zones.
    Whether used as a contingency response to wellbore problems or as a planned wellbore development process, re-entry systems provide optimized solutions. In an ever-increasing range of wellbore conditions, depths, and sizes, re-entry systems can reduce the risk and expense of drilling a new well.
  3. RTS Cilinders =
  4. DP = Dynamic Positioned is een systeem dat de positie en koers van een schip automatisch constant houdt door gebruik te maken van de eigen schroeven. Werkzaamheden op zee die anders niet mogelijk zouden zijn – doordat er bijvoorbeeld niet geankerd kan worden door obstakels op de zeebodem (pijpleidingen of andere structuren) of door een te grote waterdiepte – zijn door dynamic positioning wel uit te voeren.
  5. Rotary Table =
    A rotary table is a mechanical device on a drilling rig that provides clockwise rotational force to the drill string to facilitate the process of drilling a borehole. Rotary speed is the number of times the rotary table makes one full revolution in one minute (rpm).
  6. Pipe racking System = Offshore, the storage bins for drill pipe, drill collars and casing. The offshore pipe rack functions similarly to the onshore version. Due to space limitations, offshore pipe racks tend to be narrower and routinely contain many layers of pipe. The onshore pipe rack tends to have few stacked layers and instead extends laterally as needed to hold the tubular goods because space is not at a premium.
  7. Choke Manifold = A set of high-pressure valves and associated piping that usually includes at least two adjustable chokes, arranged such that one adjustable choke may be isolated and taken out of service for repair and refurbishment while well flow is directed through the other one.
  8. Riser pipes = A large-diameter pipe that connects the subsea BOP stack to a floating surface rig to take mud returns to the surface. Without the riser, the mud would simply spill out of the top of the stack onto the seafloor. The riser might be loosely considered a temporary extension of the wellbore to the surface.
  9. Koomey Unit = An accumulator or Koomey unit is a unit used to hydraulically operate Rams BOP, Annular BOP, HCR and some hydraulic equipment
  10. BOP = Blow Out Preventer
  11. Swivel = A mechanical device that suspends the weight of the drill string. It is designed to allow rotation of the drill string beneath it conveying high volumes of high-pressure drilling mud between the rig’s circulation system and the drill string.
  12. Jacking system = The jackup system is a custom developed multipoint lifting system. A typical system setup includes four jack-up units positioned under each corner of a load.
  13. SB + BB = Stuurboord + Bakboord
  14. Draw work Winch = is the primary hoisting machinery that is a component of a rotary drilling rig. Its main function is to provide a means of raising and lowering the traveling blocks.
  15. Travelling Block = The set of sheaves that move up and down in the derrick. The wire rope threaded through them is threaded back to the stationary crown blocks located on the top of the derrick. This pulley system gives great mechanical advantage to the action of the wire rope drilling line, enabling heavy loads to be lifted out of or lowered into the wellbore.
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Alle foto’s: Stichting Erfgoed Werf Gusto / IHC Gusto BV


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